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The Delta Phi Chapter of Kappa Delta

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Socials Events

Be sure to check out the "Pictures" page for pictures of these fun events!

Emerald Ball

Emerald Ball is usually held during October to celebrate the founding of National Kappa Delta.  Delta Phi usually has a formal to celebrate.


White Rose

White Rose is held in the Spring.  It is very similar to Prom.  There is a week of events that leads up to the dance.  Typically, Monday is date night, Tuesday is Game Night, Wednesday is Senior Roast, Thursday we all go out, and Friday is usually the award banquet, Saturday morning is the Alumnea Ice Water Tea and Saturday night is the formal.


Fraternity Socials

We have a social with each fraternity on campus.  We’ve gone bowling, had a Cowboys and Indians theme, done Karaoke, had a Nerd’s Night with trivia, played games, had a Hill Billy theme, and biker bash. These social allow us to meet and learn more about other greeks on campus.


Our annual Crush Dance is held in February, each sister invites five guys. The guy with the most invites is the Crush King and a Senior Girl choosen as Crush Queen.


The KD –ZTA social is hosted by Panhellenic to boost the camaraderie between the two sororities.